Heirloom tomatoes bruschetta


-4 serves Ella’s wisdom bread rolls

-1 pack heriloom cherry tomatoes 

-Garlic 1 large clove

-Fresh herbs 1/2 bunch (basil)

-Salt, Pepper

-Extra virgin olive oil


La bruschetta is one of the most popular Italian starters. When I was I child my mum used to make me organise the bruschetta plates for the guests all the times ☺️ you can also delegate this easy dish to your kids or maybe, even better, have fun together!

There are many variations to the classic bruschetta, but here I m going to share my personal all time favourite featuring our delicious bread.

The first step is to choose the best tomatoes, you want them to be rich in flavour so choose any variety but make sure they are ripe. (If you purchase them days in advance don’t store them in the fridge as they will lose in flavour, just leave them on your bench top).

Simply chop the tomatoes (using a small serrated knife) in tiny dices and toss them with your favorite fresh herbs. (In Italy we mostly use basil and parsley).

To avoid the tomatoes to lose freshness, salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil are to be added approximately 10 mins before serving. Slice Ella’s wisdom bread angle, to make more slices out of it, approximately 6 slices each bun. Just before serving, toast it in the oven or toaster, at 200’ for about 5 minuets. If you like garlic you can brush some on the bread, it will add that classic Italian flair.

The last step : plate it all up!

Organise the toasted bread on a nice board, add salt, pepper and oil to the tomatoes and as garnish, pick some basil leafs to make it look even prettier. I love to add that little extra by quickly making some macadamia cheese to go with my bruschetta!

Here is how you can do it too:

Macadamia cheese ingredients:

-200gr macadamia

-200gr water (add more if you can't reach that smoothness)

-Salt and pepper to taste

Blend all the ingredients until smooth and creamy, if you want to make it firmer you can add some agar agar (or gelatine if not vegan). Use 1 flat teaspoon of agar agar powder in 100ml of water, bring to boil and simmer until gets thicker. Keep stirring to avoid burning. Add into your cheese quickly before solidifies and blend. Pour the cheese in a container and let it settle for a few hours, once firm, you can cut it in squares, use it as cheese, and even preserve it in extravirgin olive oil and add you favourite flavours.


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