First blog ever, our core beliefs

Hello there, this is our first blog article, where we would like to share with you our vision on how can we act as agent of change in the health food industry.

I hope you will enjoy this article, and if you want to comment below, feel free to, we'd love to know what you think.

At the core of Ella's Wisdom beliefs there are 3 main pillars where we believe health food needs to improve to bring a solid change in the future: cost, taste, and information.

Let us explain this in more detail:

  • Cost: until healthier choices will not be able to compete with their unhealthier version, there cannot be real change. Families need to be able to afford health food, like they buy tim-tams or bread at at their local supermarket. This can only happen in two ways: firstly manufacturer need to keep their prices at the lower end, we destroyed human health in the name of profit, now we need to do the opposite. At Ella's Wisdom we always aim to keep the prices at the lower end to encourage more people to try our products, despite still being handcrafted individually. Secondly, as a domino effect, more demand will be answered with a growth in availability and production of raw materials, making it cheaper to buy better quality, organic or fairtrade ones. In addition, scaling with machinery reduces the cost of labour, and increase production exponentially, so we believe we should now use technology and science at our advantage to achieve a change in the market.
  • Taste: we all know what the “mh, taste healthy” means. Means that is not bad, but it cannot compete with the real deal. This is not what we aim for. A lot of health food on the shelves unfortunately tastes just fine to get people who have an interest in health food to buy, bur rarely can satisfy as much as the counterpart. And this is one of the reasons we have founded Ella's Wisdom, being Italian grown up in the hospitality industry, very good alternatives were rare. To achieve this, we trial our recipes obsessively, we try every single competitor, we understand the science behind the product we are creating, and we don't stop until satisfied. For example, our newkind of cookies have taken just over an year to be developed, in which we have literally ate more than a 1000 cookies each. We tried every single competitor, from gluten free, to vegan, to standard Coles ultimate cookies. We studied them all, and we believe we have reached an outstanding result, try to believe.
  • Information: there is a quote that says “only those who know, choose, those who don't only think they're choosing. Nutritional labels are not enough for many people, calories are strangers to the most, and it's easy to get tricked from the claims at the front of the packaging, but they can be heavily manipulated. As an example (which I will not be naming as it is not our work), there is a healthy cookie on the market, that claims 18g protein boldly at the front, which is enough for many impulse buyers to make a decision. But if you take the time to turn it you will see that in order for the cookie to look less caloric, it is stated that one cookie has 4 servings (c'mon guys really?), and each serve has 4.5 grams protein. This can be very confusing unless you really understand nutritional panels. That's why we keep our labelling honest, rather than trying to trick people. And to do more, we are designing some separate documents to download free from the QR code at the back of the packaging where we explain deeper which ingredients we use, why, and how to understand nutritional profiles, for example comparing it to a similar bite size “healthy treat” like the famous bliss balls. So you know you have all the necessary information to make a choice, and we believe the chances are high of you choosing for the best.


Sorry for the rant, this is what we believe in, is our manifesto, our way to act as agents of change, and based on this pillars we want to engage with as many schools as possible, to tackle the epidemic of obesity where it starts from. If you want to engage in this journey there are many ways you can do that, please feel free to get in touch at or +61424969926


by Alessio Frattini

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