Our story

How it all began:

Rooted in the hospitality industry, Ella and Al biggest passion have always been good food, creative drinks and outstanding customer service.
After years spent working around the globe and learning many different cooking styles and flavors, in September 2013 they moved to Sydney. At this time, their journey into real food was just getting started. They begin to believe in nourishing their bodies with the best fuel available, but for somebody with such experienced taste buds, the healthy choices were very limited and if any, too expensive.

We believe our story inspires and inspired people that met us, you can read our journey here:

-The very beginning, late 2014

At that time Ella had just started working in a cafe called Henley's Whole foods taking part as former head chef, in the foundation of the first of what is now a chain of whole food based cafes. With that her creativity into health foods developed exponentially. Al on the other side took massive part in the opening and establishing of Clubhouse Bar and Restaurant, as restaurant manager, learning from his mentor, Jules Damjano, what it takes to manage a business.

The knowledge and passion for health and fitness was growing, and as such her creativity could not be limited from somebody else's budget and standards, so, in a small apartment in the heart of Bondi Junction, they founded the first paleo patisserie of the world, Ella's Wisdom.
They had no idea where this little idea would have taken 'em, but they strongly believed in it.

-Things started getting real, 2015;

In January they started to sell some handmade fine dining healthy sweets at the local Bondi junction village market.
All they had at that time was a gazebo, 2 tables and a fridge, all carried from their apartment in a Coles trolley. That was not much to start with, but we also had a dream, a strong vision in being part of this moment of history, where the human race is slowly regaining consciousness about real, nutrient dense food.

These desserts were a huge hit, and feedbacks were fabulous.
But that wasn't enough to do a real contribution to history, as Sydney's health scene is filled with raw/vegan/paleo desserts, and people were asking for ready to go, healthy savoury food. So we got back into the kitchen and started upgrading the existing products, and developing new ones as well. After many different dishes, Ella created a custom made bread for one of our regular customers. Seeds only, because she could not eat nuts or grains or eggs. It was good. Very good.
Al believed that that dough would have made a killer pizza base, the healthiest ever created, so they gave it a try, et voila', the first paleo and vegan pizza was born.

People started coming to the market and buying 2,3,4 pizzas at the time, in order to freeze them and having them ready to eat at anytime. What an idea, right?

Frozen healthy pizzas, at your local shop, ready anytime you need them.

To make this happen, they had to take a huge leap of faith, and saying goodbye to their comfort zones forever.
We had some hard earned savings from our past few years of work, not much, but enough to start something, yet taking a huge risk as well as that was all we had.

We got our own commercial kitchen, we bought equipment, we contacted solicitors, we prepared accounts, we created designs and made packaging - all things which are both difficult and costly for a limited budget like ours. But they believed in Ella's Wisdom potential and in themselves, so they took all the necessary risks.
Those risks took them very close to be broke, but it is there that a miracle happened.
An indian doctor, Sakshi, that just started her journey into health foods, become part of Ella's Wisdom vision, and helped to speed the whole thing up financially.
By December we had more than a 1000 handmade pizzas in our freezer, ready to get into shops in January, and all the packaging required for it.
They were ready and very excited for the year ahead.

-Game time, 2016

Exactly 1 year after their first market in Bondi Junction, they delivered our first box of frozen pizzas to Dt. Earth, a well known health shop in Sydney's Eastern suburbs.
By mid-February, Ella's pizza was sold in over 24 shops all over the city, and enjoyed from people of all kinds.
But they still wanted to do more.
Living by the rule “never satisfied, always hungry” they started thinking about new products to approach the shops with.
While brainstorming on a Saturday afternoon, and thinking about customer's feedbacks, they gave life to a new brand, brother of Ella's Wisdom, that fully embrace the paleo culture.
His name was The Cool Caveman.
Now, they are ready to add variety to their offer with a delicious paleo and vegan lasagna, and 2 new products under The Cool Caveman brand: the first kangaroo bolognese pizza, and a incredible pumpkin and spinach lasagna, with the best kangaragu you have ever tried.Their aim is to be found anywhere people are looking for delicious, healthy comfort food, in their local shop and supermarket.
Their drive and passion is everyday growing, as their followers do too.

Where will they be heading next?

-Writing history of Australia' s health food industry, 2017

It is often said that before anything to happens, you need to visualise it.
Well, we can really see Ella's Wisdom's products to be sold Australia wide from Sydney's Eastern suburbs, to the remote areas of Western Australia, no place is too far when you believe it possible.

Do you believe in the same vision, or you would like to be part of it? Contact them at info@ellaswisdom.com.au