"I absolutely love Ella's Wisdom.Our favourite is the beautiful paleo and vegan pizza. We all just love it, plus their nut cheeses and their “not corn chips” chips are the very best I've ever had. So crunchy and tasty. But you won’t want to stop there, we adore their sweets as well and its all served up with loads of kindness and big smiles. You won’t be disappointed in anything Ella and Al have to offer."

Charlotte Carr - Mum, author and health coach www.bubbayumyum.com

"I was passing the Ella's wisdom stand in the market for a while - thinking to myself - no point stopping as it is probably just a ordinary sweet stall. But one day I couldn't resist anymore, so I stopped by and what I heard about their food was hard to believe. All these lovely looking cakes, pizzas and sandwiches., and it was all actually healthy stuff made from real ingredients. Everything is paleo, mostly organic and made fresh! And so tasty!!! I know it's too good to be true - that's what I thought at the first moment. But since that day my life changed, including my son's life Sebastian. We are huge fans of Ella's Wisdom and we can't wait to see these two young enthusiastic people every week, and learn about what they have in mind next.”

Irena & Sebastian Bailey - Personal trainer, mum of 2

"I started eating healthier about five years ago due to allergies and weight gain. Finding tasty health food hasn’t been easy until I came across the guys at Ella’s Wisdom. Being Italian it was great to be able to eat pizza and lasagne guilt free. The pizza base is nutritious as well as delicious. However nothing beats their granola. Both the guys Ella and Al are always helpful and you can tell from their passion that they really believe in healthy choices."

Joe Modica - Founder of hairport hair designer www.hairportdesigner.com.au

"Ella's wonderfully nourishing food not only tastes amazing but it is super kind to your body. I am currently on an anti inflammatory diet of no gluten, rice, dairy, egg and soy. I have missed eating pizza and bread, but didn't think I could any more with my dietary restrictions. Ella invented a pizza base and bread that I could not only eat but tastes delicious! Ella is pure magic and hopefully you will be lucky enough to try her food."

Evette Moran - Vice President and Co-Owner Mark Moran group www.markmoran.com.au

“My name is Clo Mudrik, I’m a health coach, trapeze artist, dancer-in love with movement! I’m also diabetic type 1 and celiac! I met Ella at Bondi Junction markets and I became a regular after tasting their Tiramisu (that I have as a treat and my sugars stay perfect!) and the focaccia too! I also had the opportunity to talk with Rebecca, the nutritionist/dietitian who helps Ella with the nutritional values of the produced and I was amazed with the knowledge and the quality of information we exchanged!Not just the taste of Ella’s products is great but the whole care and love she puts into it! I’m a big fan of Ella’s Wisdom!”

Clo Mudrik - Certified personal trainer and nutritionist www.clomudrik.com

“I follow a high protein, low carbohydrate and low sugar diet; I exercise frequently and pride myself on a healthy lifestyle and body.
Ella's Wisdom has allowed me to treat myself while keeping on track with my goals, their paleo food options are extensive and tasty! I personally love their paleo, vegan pizza and the burgers are a must try too!”

Matt Bassett - Crossfit athlete